German Limesstrasse - UNESCO World Heritage

The German Limes Road goes along with the Upper Germanic – Rhaetian Limes from the Rhine to the Danube. Most of the forts were founded at the beginning of the 2nd century and existed until the dilapidation of the limes, i.e. the end of the Latin occupation around 260/270 AD.
The limes ranged over a length of more than 500 km from Rheinbrohl to Regensburg.

The limes around Idstein has a length of 15 km. Remains of the defences have been found in the districts of Ehrenbach, Eschenhahn, Idstein, Dasbach, Lenzhahn, Heftrich, Kröftel and Ober-Niederrod. Near Dasbach, you find the probably best reconstruction of a limes watchtower. The area of the fort "Alteburg-Heftrich" is also well worth seeing.




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